Decoding the Perfume Pyramid

Decoding the Perfume Pyramid

Ever wondered why your perfume smells differently throughout the day?

That's because most perfumes are structured around a 'pyramid' made up of top, heart, and base notes.

Let's decode this intriguing aspect of perfumery with examples from our Scent Stories collection.


Top Notes:

These are the initial scents that hit you when you first apply a perfume. For instance, in "Club de Nuit Women," the top notes are typically fresh or sharp.

Heart Notes:

Emerging after the top notes dissipate, heart or 'middle' notes make up the core of the fragrance. In "Ariana Grande Cloud," the heart notes are lavender and pear.

Base Notes:

These are the last to develop, providing the underlying tone. In "MFK Baccarat Rouge 540," the base notes are amber and cedar.


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Why It Matters:

Understanding the perfume pyramid helps you appreciate the complexity and craftsmanship behind each bottle. It also aids in selecting a fragrance that evolves beautifully on your skin throughout the day.

With a new understanding of the perfume pyramid, you're better equipped to choose a fragrance that suits you perfectly.


Explore the multi-layered world of scents with Scent Stories and find your next olfactory love!

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